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Electric Pallet Jacks

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Manufacturer: LiftStar

Liftstar high speed rider pallet truck WP49-20/25 One Hand Operating, high speed driving, better protection for operator.
The advantage of WP49-20/25
1.Cornering Speed, automatic reduces the driving speed when turning in corner.
2.Better Protection for operators. The driver stands inside the steel structure, lower risk of Injury.
3.Floating Driving system ensure the comfortable operating feeling.
4.Easy replaced load-wheel
5.AC Curtis transistor controller
6.Large capacity battery for longer shift time.
7.High performance AC driving Motor,
8.Liftstar EPS controller, you can move the handle by one finger

Manufacturer: LiftStar

WP60-15(H) - CAP. 1,500KGS DC Power Pallet Truck

WP60-15(H) has been inproduction for over 10 years testing the market, with very stable quality.

Extremely Light Steering with 1500KGS capacity, is designed for light-weight carrying conditions, widely used in, supermarkets,manufacturing,light industry and beverage industry, loading and unloading on the vehicles, replacing the manual pallet truck.

Manufacturer: LiftStar

WP17-15 - CAP. 1500KGS DC Power Economic Pallet Truck

Perfect for loading/ unloading the Pantec, replaces the Hand pallet Jack

WP17-15 is the economic power pallet trolley, with stable quality. Capacity 1500kg, designed for light-duty conditions; widely used in supermarket and beverage industry, replacing the manual pallet truck.

Power lift & Drive with extremely light steering and short Head length

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