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Explosion Proof Counterbalance

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Safety Measures
The development and manufacturing of electric flameproof forklifts is one of Nichiyu's specialities. Their forklifts have been developed to a level of compliance specifically targeted towards the requirements of the oil and gas industry.
Nichiyu provides businesses with forklifts that entail safety features other manufacturers cannot offer. They are one of the few companies who develop forklifts that are safe to operate in a Zone 1 unit and their system in developing flameproof forklifts is approved by NOPSEMA.
When most Australian businesses can only offer an in-house statement of compliance, Nichiyu's system provides component certification by the world's leading body IECEX. Nichiyu's flameproof forklifts are assessed by an IECEx qualified flameproof engineer, who then provides an assessment report on the forklift in respect of its compliance with all clauses of the Australian Standards AS1915:1992 and AS2359.12:1996.

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