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Category: Chargers

All the three-phase BlackHawk battery chargers have full switching technologywith microcontroller digital control. They are flexible and reliable devices. The high efficiency of the battery chargers assures a remarkable energy saving optimizing the economic benefits and permitting to amortize the investment for the selection of high frequency in a short time.

Category: Chargers

Benefits of HF technology Optimal availability for use and long service life can only be achieved from motive power batteries when the battery and the charger are perfectly matched. The HF technology permits: compact wall-mounted designs to save floor space. Significantly higher electrical performances. Shorter recharge time, saving energy and a reduction of the batteries temperature during the cycle, also a strong reduction of the Co2 emissions and lower water consumption, which helps prolong the life of the batteries.

High production yield. Soft start mode and a customized charge curve on request. The single-phase Black Hawk is a versatile device, different charging curve software could be installed for a specific customized charging profile for any type of battery.

Category: Chargers

The battery chargers of the CEMB-EASY 3000 series are designed to recharge medium capacity traction and start lead-acid batteries and are the result of the founding members’ fourty-year experience in the field of battery chargers, in the application of microprocessor control systems which constantly monitorize the basic parameters to assure a correct operation and therefore safeguard the battery’s life.

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