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Attachments / Jibs

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Fixed Container Ramp has been designed as a fixed frame

as an alternative to our bi-fold ramp.

Reach further with your forklift tynes. Forklift Extension Slippers allow you to temporarily lengthen the length of your Forks 

These are NOT cheap imports !!

Use your forklift to reach new heights. Fully welded construction for tough high-access tasks.

The cage is supplied with a fixed line harness attachment point, and comes with a quality powder coated finish.

Manoeuvre items in confined spaces using your forklift.

Multi-angle positioning allows extra height and load capacity

and is easy to set using the 4 stage locating pin

1 Handle steel, fibre or plastic drums with a top lip or chime. These units are suitable for 30 to 55 gallon drums    (200 litres) and fit on fork tynes. Two models are available.

2 Enables drums to be inverted safely in your warehouse, which is ideal for racking applications where    horizontal storage is encountered.


Keep your tynes and move your long rolls. Forklift carpet prongs are the ideal way to handle carpet rolls, artificial turf, set up exhibitions or transport fabrics, cable, coil or steel + poly pipe. As a slip on attachment, the PRONG removes the need for fork tyne removal and is made of high tensile steel.


Get closer access to your loads with this dedicated carriage attachment. The Carriage Mounted prong has been designed to mount directly onto the carriage of your forklift and can be adapted to suit all carriages on both electric and front-lift fork trucks.

Heavy, dense items such as steel scrap and gravel are easily released with this slip on tippler bin attachment. 

Carry wide loads without damaging the product. This unit features a rear headboard welded into the frame (without Headboard available too).


  • WLL: 2500kg
  • HCoG: 560mm
  • Tyne Dimensions: 150mm x 60mm
  • Tyne Centres: 750mm
  • Finish: painted enamel
  • NB: Compliance plate attached

Safely spread tarps across loads with this convenient slip-on attachment;

designed to be compatible with most standard Class 2 Fork Truck carriages.

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