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WP Centre Rider Pallet Mover

Manufacturer: LiftStar show products
The skirt surrounding the platform prevents 
damage to the truck or injury to legs and feet 
by intrusion of other forked vehicles.
At no time is the operator's body exposed 
beyond the contours of the truck
Efficiency on the job is the Liftstar Platform 
Pallet Truck's true strength. 
Its performance is based on a powerful 3 KW 
AC motor.
It is equipped with EPS system, tested by the 
market for 5 years, high reliability. 
powerful acceleration, high travel speed and 
efficient brakes add up to productivity in 
service at any duty level.
Injection mold cover, high precision, good 
Chassis lifetime well over 10 years.
Best PU wheel, longer lifetime
Tiller head designed for Maximum operator 
comfort. EPS system provides optimum 
directional control at any speed. 
And wide and deep storage compartments 
for wrapping paper, work gloves, writing 
utensils, etc. 
The fork can be lifting or lowering when you 
are traveling it. Floating structure of driving 
unit to prevent wheel slip.
Electric pallet truck with small appearance 
and flexible can be used in shopping malls, 
supermarkets, warehouse, workshop and 
other places, especially for food, textile, 
printing and other light industries.
Make Your Job Easier!
AC motor
External encoder, easy for 
Brushless, regenerative brake
Powerful AC driving motor
Top speed 10 km/h, loaded or 
The sturdy steel cockpit 
enclosure keeps the 
operator safe from shock 
and impact throughout the 
working day.


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