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Clark GEX Battery Electric

Manufacturer: Clark show products

Operator cell
The lower step height, the steel step plate and all ergonomics are designed for
customer' s comfort and convenience. Large floorboard area accommodates large
boots. The clear arranged display provides important truck information so that
the operator is well informed and able to do safety work all the time.
All new AC-motors are fully enclosed to keep out dust and contaminates. Wet
invironment is not an issue. No brushes have to be changed or commutator to
turn over at the induction motors. Only serviceable parts are bearings and seals.
All motors are equipped with a thermistor which constantly monitors temperature.
Should the temperature approach the thermal limit, the control gradually cuts
back current. Limiting current does not limit maximum travel speed. Once motor
temperature decreases, full power is automatically restored. Operator may never
feel the cut-back.
Latest Zapi-AC-system is minimizing ernergy consumption.
Regenerative braking returns energy into the battery, not into the brakes in the
form of heat and is standard on the EPX. This is accomplished one of three ways;
via releasing the accelerator pedal, changing direction of travel or applying the
service brake. Using regenerative braking also prolongs the life of the truck's
service brakes.
Because of its hydrostatic steering system the EPX 16/18/20s is easily maneuverable.
Hydraulic system
One AC motor for lifting and steering operation. A flow control valve ensures that
steering has priority. Linear potentiometer on lift handle provides fully proportional
lift. At conserving energy, motor only runs as fast as needed. Motor speed can
be adjusted to meet attachement needs. The pump motor is designed to reduce
steering and lift noise.
Sealed and canted rollers minimize deflection and free-play in both the upright
and carriage. Six carriage load rollers spread out the load significantly improving
roller life. Side thrust rollers help prevent racking during off-center loading and
massive high-strength steel fork bars significantly extend component life.
Visibility is critical to an operator's performance and safety. CLARK's nested
upright rails provide positive rail interlock and narrow "column" to maximize the
vision window. The overhead guard safety bars run parallel to the operator's line
of sight. This results in less product damage when picking and pulling loads from
rack locations. A clear, unobstructed view also protects your most valuable asset
– your employees

Miscellaneous standard
A complete light package and an amber strobe beacon lamp, a multi-function
diagnostic dash display with hour meter and battery discharge indicator with lift
interrupt is standard. The standard painting is CLARK-green, the operator's
compartement and upright is black.
Supplementary equipment
Great assortement of supplementary equipment is available. It is possible to set
up the truck performance to customer's requirement.
The ramp start feature provides additional torque to eliminate roll back when
starting on an incline. EPX-series has an -certificate and conforms to
european safety standards.

n High Performance
• Rivals IC truck performance in speed,
acceleration and gradeability.
n Auto Shut-Down
• Protects your investment. The motor
temperature is always monitored, in case
of overheating the motors performance
will automatically be reduced.
n Battery Capacity
• GTX/GEX 16 can accommodate
500 Ah battery.
• GTX/GEX 18/20s can accommodate
625 Ah battery.

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