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Forklift Servicing

NYK Forklifts supply these types of forklift servicing/repairs:

  • On-site repairs and maintenance for all forklift models and reach trucks
  • Preventative maintenance
  • Major engine replacements and breakdown services

Did you know?

If you don't properly maintain your forklift or keep a servicing log, then your company incurs the risk of worker injury. This is serious enough, but then there is prosecution risk due to contravening Workplace Health & Safety legislation on forklift servicing.
Other distinct advantages of servicing include:

  • Reducing downtime from costly breakdowns,
  • Extending your forklift's lifetime, and
  • Saving money on repairs of larger problems arising from the neglect of maintenance.

Why Choose NYK Forklifts Servicing?

NYK Forklifts will carry out a FREE SITE SURVEY and recommend the appropriate service intervals for each machine based on the way it is used, manufacturer recommendations and working environment.

We have NO Contracts just a mutually agreed arrangement between both parties.

When NYK Forklifts carry out a preventative maintenance service, we give that little bit more than our competitors:

  1. First we contact the workshop supervisor and pre-arrange the service visit to suit your requirements.
  2. We travel to your premises and carry out a preventative maintenance service, supplying all the required parts.
  3. We then remove all our waste material and issue the full service documentation.

helpdesk guyOur Technicians take the time to ask the machine operators if there are any problems that require particular attention. Our Technicians also issue a full report of the equipment's condition and a written estimation for any noted defects will be automatically sent to the main site contact.

You can reduce unwanted downtime by tapping into our Technicians' vast experience of the correct levels of preventative maintenance.
Call our Service & Repairs department now for your FREE SITE SURVEY.

Onsite Service

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