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Category: Scrubber
Manufacturer: Rotowash

The Rotowash R20 is an ideal unit in the home or for smaller commercial needs such as washrooms, medical centres, hotel rooms, coffee bars, vets etc.

The Rotowash cleaning machine is the original NOT a copy, Manufactured to exacting standards in Europe

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Category: Scrubber
Manufacturer: Rotowash

Rotowash Model R30B

The Rotowash R30B is the medium to heavy duty solution for work in both confined and larger areas. With a large 7litre cleanwater tank and electric pump spray the R30B cuts through the difficult jobs but is still manouverable enough to work in those smaller areas that are usually too hard to get into. 

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The Original & Best..... NOT a Copy, Made in Europe to exacting Standards

Category: Scrubber
Manufacturer: Rotowash

Rotowash Model R45B

Just like the R20 and R30B the larger R45B will clean all floor types, but the 45cm brush width makes it even more productive in larger areas such as hallways, reception areas, industrial kitchens, synthetic sports and leisure areas etc.

Click on link below to see Rotowash in action


The Original & Best....NOT a copy, Made in Europe to exacting Standards

The BR652/752 serie with the patented scrubbing deck concept offers super low noise level, ergonomic and a compact design that allows these machines to clean just about anywhere.

The practical answer for smaller area cleaning

Wouldn’t it be nice to be able to utilise the cleaning efficiency and productivity of a scrubber/dryer in smaller spaces? Well now you can, thanks to the CA331 Scrubber, one of the latest additions to the Nilfisk portfolio of value-adding floor cleaning equipment.

Compact scrubber/dryer to clean forward and backwards everywhere

The new Nilfisk SC350 represents revolutionary new thinking in small walk-behind scrubber/dryers.
The battery operated machine has a rotating deck system, which integrates the squeegee into the deck itself.

Silent, compact and easy to manoeuvre

The walk-behind series has retained the best of the former generation, but offers more comfort and productivity in an improved design.

Smarter design for lower cleaning costs

The range of walk-behind scrubber/dryers offers more of everything that is important for floor cleaning efficiency: more productivity, more running time, more ergonomic features, more reliability, more options and more cost-effectiveness.

SC800 walk-behind scrubber/dryer for heavy-duty cleaning

The SC800 is designed for maximum performance, easy handling, low maintenance, superb cleaning results and yet it is an eco-friendly solution.

Providing unique added value benefits in industrial cleaning

The Nilfisk BR 850S and BR 1050S series of ride-on scrubber/dryers have long been renowned and praised for their reliability and working performance. The latest upgrades have now made this superb range of units even better.

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