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CA331 Scrubber

Category: Scrubber
Manufacturer: Nilfisk Industrial Cleaning Equipment show products

The practical answer for smaller area cleaning

Wouldn’t it be nice to be able to utilise the cleaning efficiency and productivity of a scrubber/dryer in smaller spaces? Well now you can, thanks to the CA331 Scrubber, one of the latest additions to the Nilfisk portfolio of value-adding floor cleaning equipment.

Nilfisk CA331 Scrubber is the smallest scrubber in the Nilfisk portfolio. It represents a unique combination of compact design, cleaning performance and drying efficiency.

The Nilfisk CA331 Scrubber is compact in size, allowing it to clean under furniture and in those tight, congested areas where other scrubber/dryers can't even think of going.

Yet, despite the small profile, the cleaning power is that of a far bigger machine. In fact, no other machine on the market can offer the same combination of cleaning and drying efficiency, compactness, and value for money.
Being the best means that nobody does it better!

  •     Easy to transport: the machine weight is only 22 kg; the handle can be folded on the machine
  •     Scrubbing and drying performance: the machine is equipped with two brushes/ pads giving 15 kg of down pressure, to ensure real scrubbing efficiency
  •     The unit can be operated going forwards or backwards, with terrific drying capability in either direction
  •     Adjustable handle allows the operator to select the optimal cleaning position
  •     Folding handle makes transportation from job to job easy
  •     Superb performance in areas where scrubber/dryers normally can't access even under furniture.


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