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Forklift Drum Handling

Handle steel, fibre or plastic drums with a top lip or chime. These units are suitable for 30 to 55 gallon drums (200 litres) and fit on fork tynes. Two models are available.


  • Liftomatic Parrot Beak Clamping System
  • Finish: powder coated yellow
  • NB: Compliance plate & serial number attached
  • Pocket Size: 160mm x 60mm
  • Pocket Centres: 630mm
  • HCoG: 490mm

Drum Invertors


  • WLL: 365kg
  • HCoG: 600mm
  • Tyne Pockets: 180mm x 65mm
  • Tyne Pocket Centres: 450mm
  • Finish: painted enamel
  • NB: Compliance plate & serial number attached
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