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Carpet Prong

Keep your tynes and move your long rolls. Forklift carpet prongs are the ideal way to handle carpet rolls, artificial turf, set up exhibitions or transport fabrics, cable, coil or steel + poly pipe. As a slip on attachment, the PRONG removes the need for fork tyne removal and is made of high tensile steel.


  • WLL: 500kg
  • Tyne Pockets: 190mm x 76mm
  • Tyne Pocket Centres: 275mm
 Pole LengthOverall LengthWidthHeightWeightSWLLoad Centre 
  1500mm 2355mm 500mm 210mm 105kg 500kg 750mm  
  2400mm 3255mm 500mm 210mm 120kg 500kg 1200mm  
  3000mm 3855mm 500mm 210mm 130kg 500kg 1500mm  
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