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Compact 3000 3 phase

Category: Chargers
 Technical Charactaristics

3x400V three-phase supply (with possibility to request voltages. different from the standard ones), adjustable to ± 5% or ± 10%. • Microprocessor-controlled programming and measuring via digital gearcase. Such microprocessor control is designed to optimize the charging cycles for any type of battery. • 230V coil three-pole contactor. • D.C. fuse on rectifier output. • Delta-star stray flux three-phase power transformer class H; impregnated in autoclave with ecological epoxy resins, with thermocouples for disconnection due to maximum temperature. • Three-phase rectifier bridge with silicon diodes, natural cooling, with snubber protection. • Mains input and d.c. output polarized cables. • Modular installation on galvanized steel base. • Sheet steel case with modular panels so as to assure maximum accessibility in case of service. • Epoxy powder coating, oven-baked. • Standard colour: RAL 2002 Red. • New lexan plate with charging data very easy to understand. • Equalizzed recall push button. • ON - OFF push button. • Option to adjust the charging time from 90 to 210 minutes. • Option to adjust the threshold voltage from 2.3 to 2.4 V/cell. • Equalization charge timed. • Led signaling charging phases or result. • Short check of functions and times. • Option to program the equalized charge automatically. • Lab-tested electronic circuit conforming to the directive on electomagnetic compatibility and CE marking. • Automatic disconnection of battery charger due to battery disconnection. • Option: custom-made colour. • Custom-made logo and silk-screen printing. • Option: assembly of plugs and battery connectors on request



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