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Yale Stock Picker Medium Level

Manufacturer: Yale Forklifts Australia show products

The MO series is available with rail or wire guidance for operation in very narrow aisles and allow pick locations up to 9m. They allow pallet locations to be maximised for lower turnover items and very dense storage to be achieved in the minimum space.

Product application utilisation:

  • Fixed fork -  Suitable for ground level or first level picking applications
  • Fixed cabin – Ideal in low level applications where the cabin is fixed but the forks need to be raised, where guided trucks operate in the aisles and where closed pallets are used
  • Supplementary lift –This model allows the height of the container holding picked items to be adjusted to provide the optimum height of the cage for picking as the forks can be raised independently to the operators cabin
  • Walk on platform or cage – As the operator can leave the cabin and walk on to the platform picking space is extended allowing larger or longer items to be picked. Lifting barriers and/or a protective cage maximise safety of the operator
  • The large suspended platform with personnel present sensor covers the complete cabin area, this allows the operator to locate the most comfortable operating position throughout the shift
  • The cushioned platform absorbs vibration and the low step height helps to reduce operator fatigue
  • Controls are located to provide the maximum operator walk through area for optimised picking from either side of the aisle
  • The fly by wire electric steering with drive wheel position indicator contributes to low effort operation
  • Forks can be raised or lowered independently from the cabin dependent on the working height reducing the need for the operator to bend or stretc
  • Four selectable performance settings allow the truck to be configured to suit the operator and application requirements
  • In pedestrian mode the ‘creep speed’ function allows the operator to walk alongside the truck to the next picking location (MO10E)
  • The AC drive motor delivers smooth progressive acceleration, travel speed and braking
  • Adjustable performance settings allow the truck to be customised to the needs of the application and operator
  • Coasting and fork lift/lower function buttons located on both sides of the truck allow the operator to walk next to the operator and lift and lower the forks without being on board helping to reduce operator fatigue and increase productivity
  • The operator cabin can travel horizontally and vertically simultaneously to reduce the time taken to reach the next pick location on machines operating in guided aisles
  • An easy to read multifunction graphic display provides information on truck status, selected performance level and early indication of any maintenance requirements


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