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Yale Stockpicker High Level Narrow Aisle

Manufacturer: Yale Forklifts Australia show products
is outstanding with the application-provenelectric drive motor.
The motor is designed for fast travel speeds, durability and efficiency.  Responsive
drive-motor control provides for superior traction system response and a highly productive work cycle.  
Class H insulation with fan and external venting result in greater heat dissipation for higher efficiency and longer motor life.  Electronically controlled on-demand power steering provides greater energy efficiency.  
Cushioned lowering provides operator comfort and load stability. 
Durability & Reliability
are the underlying foundations of these Yale order selectors.
All components are built to perform and built to last in the toughest applications.
The frame is of an all welded, unitized construction for maximum strength and rigidity.
The Yale OS-EC is designed and constructed to out-perform and out-last the competition. 
Productivity Plus
means more work per shift. Yale order selectors are designed for ultimate maneuverability, ease-of-use and exceptional operator comfort for greater control.
The OS-EC features the Yale multi-function control handle, which is adjustable to three positions depending upon the operator’s preference. The handle controls forward and reverse direction, speed and lift and lower. A horn is standard. The upper console and operator controls can be vertically adjusted up to six inches to accommodate various operator heights. The ergonomically designed Smart-Steer™ handle is optional. The Yale OS-EC order selector is an operator-friendly truck.
Separately Excited Motor (SEM)
The OS-EC utilizes SEM control technology featuring built-in regenerative braking and electronic field control (field
weakening). When the operator releases the control handle, it returns to neutral and the truck gradually plugs to a stop.
If the operator steps off the foot pedal, the truck plugs more abruptly and then the control system applies the parking
brake.  This regenerative braking causes less wear on the park brake, extending brake service life.  Also, plugging is
reduced at elevated heights for smoother braking performance and increased operator comfort.
CANbus Communications 
The main CANbus controller enables the truck’s systems to simultaneously communicate with each other from one central location.  From the dash display, single point diagnostics allow the service technician to view all diagnostic information.
Servicing takes less time since you can adjust performance parameters all in one place.  Truck set up and diagnostics can be completed without a laptop or external handset.
The new CANbus control system utilizes non-contact devices, eliminating potentiometers and most switches.
The number of wires within the mast cable has also been reduced.
Ergonomic Operator Comfort
is designed into the spacious operator’s platform, which is built for easy operation and maximum productivity regardless of which direction the operator faces. The operator has a low-fatigue, highly productive work station that features low step height, wide-open cushioned floor, a foot switch position that promotes a more natural and comfortable stance, plus a one-inch thick floor mat for supportive comfort.  
This high-lift order selector is designed to become an extension of the operator to get more order picking done per shift.
New Ergonomic Control Handle
The multifunction control handle provides improved ergonomics for operator comfort.
The handle has a thumb-actuated switch for the single speed lift/lower functions and a trigger-style horn.
The handle is spring loaded and may be adjusted to one of three positions for a comfortable operating stance.
The OS-EC series is designed with a new speed control system.  Smart-Glide™, a continuous height sensing system, provides step-less speed control by optimizing the maximum travel speed at various fork heights.  
The resulting benefits are faster travel speeds, improved acceleration, and increased productivity.
This truck boasts significant serviceability improvements to keep your truck up and running.  
These improvements include the use of solid state devices in place of potentiometers and simplified wiring.  
The SEM traction system eliminates the forward and reverse contactor maintenance and increases motor brush life.  The swing-out compartment doors reveal an uncluttered, well laid-out compartment making servicing easier.
To increase productivity include: electronic wire guidance, side-guide rollers, two-speed fan located in the main console to provide full body ventilation, work light and fan package, swing-up side gates, and Smart-Steer
with an ergonomically designed handle. 





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